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Aquarium Maintenance Services in Southern California

At Aquatica, we care for our clients' aquariums with meticulous attention to detail to ensure your aquarium is consistently thriving and visually stunning. Our dedicated maintenance division is committed to ensuring the health and vitality of your saltwater or reef aquarium. 


Aquatica proudly provides aquarium service to clients across Southern California.

Our Service Areas:

  • San Marcos

  • Encinitas

  • Oceanside

  • Del Mar

  • Rancho Santa Fe

  • La Jolla

  • Fairbanks Ranch

  • Carlsbad

  • Vista

  • Escondido

  • Poway

  • Solana Beach

  • Carmel Valley

  • And more!

Our Primary Services

Our Maintenance and Service Offerings


Regular Maintenance 

Our team will provide our premium service, keeping your tank healthy and clean! Includes a water change, glass cleaning, equipment inspection, parameter testing, and more! We recommend most clients utilize this service biweekly.


Deep Clean Service

Aquarium filtration equipment is vital to protecting the life and vitality of your aquatic environment. To prevent failure of this equipment and an aquarium disaster, we recommend that all clients utilize this service quarterly.


Aquarium Moving

Moving houses is already stressful enough (for both you and the fish); let us handle your aquarium so you don't have to think about it, and we'll make sure that your fish have a first-class trip to their new home to minimize any issues!


Aquarium Installation

Are you ready to start your aquatic journey? We can help you through all steps of setting up your new tank whether it be by constructing it, filling it up, programming equipment, and stocking it with sand and rock! 


Vacation Sitting

Getting ready for a relaxing vacation? Have peace of mind knowing that your beloved fish and coral are being cared for by the pros! Service includes feeding, dosing supplements, and other tank-specific maintenance.


Emergency Response

Did your five-year-old think the fish were hungry and dump a bowl of cereal into the tank at 10 pm? We've seen it all. Aquatica will be there for you in the event of an emergency, such as a tank failure, to prevent a catastrophe.

If you encounter a tank emergency,

immediately call us at (760) 597-0445

and leave a voicemail.

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