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Deep Clean Service

The filtration equipment like the protein skimmer, UV sterilizer, and return pump are crucial parts of the aquarium, and failure of any of them could have catastrophic consequences for the livestock in your tank. For this reason, we heavily recommend that all clients utilize this service every 12 weeks. This service involves the complete disassembly, inspection, and removal of debris or residue to ensure that all parts are operating at peak performance and to minimize the risk of equipment failure. 

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Maintenance tank plumbing
Tank maintenance
Maintenance tank fill

The Deep Clean Process:

  1. Equipment Removal - Careful removal of pumps, skimmer, UV sterilizer, and other filtration.

  2. Equipment Teardown - Disassemble all equipment to assess for wear and prepare for cleaning.

  3. Acid Wash - Remove accumulated buildup and debris that reduces equipment performance.

  4. Dechlorination & Rinse - Thorough removal of cleaning chemicals that could harm livestock.

  5. Equipment Reassembly/Installation - Assemble components and reinstall equipment in the aquarium.

  6. Operational Testing - Inspect all equipment to ensure it is functioning up to our standards.

Why Aquatica:

Aquatica's signature approach has kept our clients' aquariums in pristine condition since 2012. Customers consistently recommend us due to our professionalism, attention to detail, and readiness to respond to any concerns. We tailor our services specifically to each tank we work on, delivering a superior level of customer satisfaction.

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