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Regular Maintenance

At Aquatica, we go beyond just maintenance - we cultivate a thriving aquatic paradise that stands out in your home or office. We strive for nothing less than perfection and take pride in ensuring our client's tanks are stunning and healthy. Our premium services include water change, gravel vacuuming, algae removal, equipment inspection, and comprehensive water testing. We place a heavy emphasis on the health of livestock, so we will also take steps to mitigate disease and treat it if it becomes present in fish or coral. Frequency varies, but we recommend that most clients utilize this service biweekly.

Man doing aquarium maintenance
A service client's stunning Red Sea reef aquarium
Service Clients Tank
Freshly serviced reef tank

Our 7-Step Approach:

  1. Water Change - 15-25% replacement of salt water to remove pollutants/detritus and replenish essential nutrients

  2. Gravel Vacuuming - Thorough cleaning of substrate or sand to preserve white sand and remove debris and waste

  3. Algae Removal - Manual removal of algae from rocks and corals with preventative treatment to minimize algae growth

  4. Glass Cleaning - Preserve a crystal clear view of your aquarium with the interior and exterior cleaning of the glass

  5. Equipment Inspection - Ensure protein skimmer, UV sterilizer, pumps, etc. are effective and running optimally

  6. Health Check - If any corals or fish are showing signs of health issues, we act to prevent the spread and foster recovery

  7. Water Tests - Analysis of calcium, alkalinity, phosphate, etc., and adjust to perfectly replicate the ocean environment

Why Aquatica:

Aquatica's signature approach has kept our clients' aquariums in pristine condition since 2012. Customers consistently recommend us due to our professionalism, attention to detail, and readiness to respond to any concerns. We tailor our services specifically to each tank we work on, delivering a superior level of customer satisfaction.

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